NaviWorld Thai Localization Pack

Why Thai localization?

Any company doing business in Thailand is required to submit certain statutory reports to the local authorities, which should preferably be available directly from the account software or ERP solution. As is the case with most international ERP solutions, even the Thai version of Dynamics NAV only provides a fraction of localized functionality demanded by customers. Companies using a global Dynamics NAV database template in Thailand face even greater challenges

 NaviWorld is well known for its competences, reliability and innovative actions at a level beyond the average of the other providers of Microsoft Business Solutions and competitive ERP Solutions.


NaviWorld is the sole partner who certified the product with the Thai Revenue Department since 2001. Being certified, it gives our customer the confidence and assurance that system is fully compliant with statutory requirements and in Thai language, capable to process the financial data as required, generates all the



specific reports in the right format using Thai script, and in the same time the data can be also used for corporate reporting in English or other languages. Over the years, we constantly added new features as required by local authorities and customers and in the same time performing the upgrades to the latest Dynamics-NAV versions.

NaviWorld Thailand localization package is working with both, the Thai Dynamics NAV version as well as the worldwide (W1) version.

Thai Pack Content.



  • Totally compliant with Thai Revenue Requirements
  • Proven and used by local and international companies since 2001
  • Print documents in Thai and English language
  • Available for AU and W1 Databases.
  • All local formats and reporting like Vouchers, WHT Certificates, VAT Reports, BOI already included in the package
  • Additional enhancements to Standard Application

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Thai Localization Pack for Microsoft Dynamics NAV – English

Thai Localization Pack for Microsoft Dynamics NAV – TH

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