Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a comprehensive business management solution that helps people work faster and smarter, and gives your business the flexibility to adapt to new opportunities and growth. Ideal for small and midsized organizations, it offers a breakthrough user experience and technology innovations that can simplify access to information, improve organizational agility, streamline integration with a wide range of applications, and enhance reporting capabilities-even for the most highly specialized industries and organizations.


Equip the people in your organization for success with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, an integrated, adaptable business management solution. Microsoft Dynamics NAV can streamline processes, deliver robust reporting and business intelligence, and connect employees, customers, and partners across a global marketplace. 


Comprehensive business management capabilities


Microsoft Dynamics NAV delivers powerful and comprehensive business management capabilities for:


  • Financial management


  • Business intelligence and reporting


  • Sales and marketing


  • Service management


  • Manufacturing


  • Supply chain management


  • Human resource management




Make smarter decisions to improve your operating margins-and your cash flow. Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps you maximize profitability by getting the most out of your people and systems.


  • Cut operational costs and reduce errors by automating key business processes.


  • Easily analyze financial data to spot trends and take action to improve cash flow.


  • Identify and target your top customers to find new sales opportunities and build loyalty.


  • Focus on your most profitable products and customers to improve margins.


  • Identify and target your most profitable customers and products to maximize sales opportunities and increase customer loyalty.

NaviWorld Vietnam Localization


NaviWorld customized functionality adds translation of field description on NAV forms and screens in multiple languages. Users can choose to work with NAV in any language available from the translation tables. Consequently, the relevant documents can be printed with data captions in selected language, which is useful in cases when Vietnam authorities require business documents to be printed in Vietnamese language.